The Rice Entrepreneur Roundtables are a forum that fosters peer-to-peer support within a small group of trusted entrepreneurs in a confidential environment. The roundtables allow members to draw from the expertise – lessons learned from successes and failures – of the other entrepreneurs in the group. The roundtables are designed to address your unique needs as an entrepreneur – tackling challenges in your business and personal life – to help you reach new goals.

Why join a RET? You will have the opportunity to:

  • Leverage peer-to-peer wisdom in a structured monthly session 
  • Address challenging, strategic issues 
  • Engage with Rice alumni leaders 


Start-up Roundtable 
Member must be willing to make a serious commitment of time and resources to launching a business venture in the next year.
Membership fee (includes Rice EO & Roundtable Participation): $100 (plus REO membership of $50)

CEO Roundtable
Member must have ultimate decision-making authority and responsibility for their organization(s), and the business must be operational for at least a year. Eligibility may include co-founders where appropriate. 

Membership fee: $150 (plus REO membership of $50)

If you have any questions, please reach out to RET Chair, Lorie Clements.  As our board of directors is made up of business owners and entrepreneurs, please plan on 48 hours response time. (

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